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IT Systemer offers a complete set of products and services related to IT outsourcing.

Many small and medium sized companies have limited or no internal IT resources. By outsourcing the responsibility for IT to us, they achieve a higher quality service and more statisfied users in their organisation. Large companies use our services as a replacement or supplement to their own IT staff.

Our primary goals when delivering IT services are more happy users and to provide the client with fixed and predictable investments/expenses related to IT.

Unfortunately we have not be able to translate all parts of our website to English yet. When no English translation exists, the Norwegian page will be displayed.


IT Systemer has been delivering
intelligent solutions to clients
since the year of 1992.

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IT Systemer offers a broad range
of IT support, IT maintenance,
hosting and thin client services.

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IT Systemer is located several
places in Norway and serve clients
in several European countries.

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